Screenshot of Larahawk events

Events are recorded whenever your application saves something to the log. You can have events for exceptions thrown, PHP warnings, or even manual Log::info() entries.

Whenever those are fired on your application, a request is made with your property's API key to Larahawk, and the event and its details are recorded. Depending on the levels set in your config file, notifications are sent out immediately to the channels you have activated in your account.

Clicking on an individual event will take you to a page that contains the following details:

  • Method + Path
  • Message
  • Event Type (e.g. error, warning, debug, info)
  • Datetime Occurred
  • Notified Via (the notification channels we sent out alerts to)
  • User Info (if an Auth::user is present)
  • Device
  • OS
  • Browser
  • IP Address
  • Full stack trace