Screenshot of Larahawk properties

Properties are the apps being watched by Larahawk. Each one is attached to your account and contains all of the events logged and recorded since you've installed the Larahawk watcher on it.

The main landing screen when you open up Larahawk shows all of your properties at a glance, and a chart of the last 14 days of events attached to it. Clicking View Property will allow you to see a full chart and list of all the events (in descending time) that have been recorded for it. You're also able to view your property's API key or change its name by clicking the Edit Property button located at the top-right of that screen.

Adding a new property or removing one from your account will adjust your subscription and will not be reflected until the next billing cycle.

To add a new property to your account, visit the New Property page and enter in an appropriate name and the domain hosting your Laravel application.